Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has indicated that the retirement age, which the Labor government has raised to 67 from 2023, will potentially be raised to 70 years old. This shift in retirement age would mean that generation X and beyond which includes me, would be doing physical labour for a few more years, affecting more so those in Blue collar work but also the white collar as well. Though this is not a certainty and just something that has been flagged as on the agenda, many are not happy about this and are reminding the Government that they made an election promise regarding this – then again when has any government ever kept all their promises?

I know many people over 65 years who are still working, and many happy to do so, as they would rather work than not… And there are many that long for retirement and really enjoy the retirement years. I personally had experience of a colleague working at 77, and I must say she was one of the hardest working people I have met. So my own take is that retirement age is totally an individual thing.

So, what do you think is a reasonable retirement age? And what do you think of working till 70?