There are many arguments, discussions and news pieces out there regarding man-made climate change. Most of the general population will be well aware of the arguments for man-made climate change, but less knows the opinions and evidence of those that disagree.  It can be a topic that stirs up much passion in people, other either side of the fence. I often wonder how many people out there have really research both sides of the debate. Many may be reading this and thinking isn’t there only one side? No, there are scientists out there on the pro and scientists on the against. No one generally disagrees that some form of climate change is going on, but many disagree on the causes and the assertion that man is behind it.

The conspiracy theorists out there, ask this question - Who is getting rich off this? They have answers to this question, and it’s kinda scary. I would suggest anyone research these things for themselves, YouTube provides heaps of clips, and draw your own conclusion.

People should always research both sides, just so they can be sure that the information being reported to them is correct.

So what are your thoughts on this one? is it all true? A lie? A global money making scam?