This week, Pope Francis stated that he would baptise Aliens if they landed and wanted to be baptised. There is no denying that Aliens are becoming very mainstream, 50% of people in USA believe in Aliens, and one in ten in USA believe that MH 370 was taken by Aliens, and Australia is not far behind with a poll from the SMH revealing that 42% of Australians believe in Aliens. Popularity of Aliens is on the rise, largely due to movies and TV popularising them and spreading the word. There is also an increase in these last few decades of stories of abduction by Aliens, some from not so credible witnesses and some from very respectable people.  

So, this brings up many questions, what are they? Who are they? What do they want? Are they even real? Why do they seem to visit USA more than anywhere? There are more theories out there about what they are other than just beings from another planet, including parallel universes, and demons.     

If you look in to the theories there is some credibility to them, and many have witness based evidence to back them up. I wonder how many out there have actually looked further on this other than what they read on a random news article or see in a movie or TV show. The theory of other planet is probably the most well-known, but there is actually a large group out there that believe they are demons, and others that believe they are from another dimension or a parallel universe. There is so much out there in information regarding this, and of course as many believe there is a lot we are not being told, the secrets that governments hide.

So what is the real truth? What do you think? Are they real? And what are they?

 The Truth is out there!