In Australia, we generally don’t tip in restaurants; it’s just not our thing, unless we get really good service, then maybe. Trying to change this culture  is a website called ResDiary by Dimmi, whose chief executive, Stevan Premutico, has come out and stated that Australia hasn’t got the tipping culture right, and that ‘Australian Restaurants are some of the poorest in the world. An average restaurant is lucky to make a five percent profit margin. So you have an obligation to leave a tip if you have a positive experience.’

ResDiary is a website that gives restaurants data on their customers so that they will know in advance how you like your food, your favourite wines and whether you tip etc... This way, restaurants will know before you arrive whether or not to treat you well. Those that are known to be generous tippers may get the best table in the restaurant and/or have a more attentive waiter and those that don’t tip or only tip small, may end up with a less desirable table.

In Australia, there are those of us who tip great service, generally around 10% and then there are those that don’t. In reality, the countries that rely on tipping, like the United States, have much lower hourly rate that the staff earn and cheaper menu items, and therefore the tip is part of the staff’s salary and doesn’t hurt the tipper so much because the food is cheaper. By comparison, in Australia, we pay our staff much better and have higher prices of meals in Australia.  

So what do you think? To tip or not to tip?