It’s the question that most parents ask themselves when choosing a school for their kids. What school should I send my kids too?

Australia has a higher than normal amount of kids being sent to private schools, at around 30%, in comparison to places like the UK and USA, where only 10% or less receive private school education. So why is it that such a high percentage are sending their kids to private schools here? There is a perception in the community that State schools can be unruly, overcrowded, low opportunity and lower quality education, whereas private schools are highly disciplined, have the best teachers, have the best facilities and parents who send their children there value their child’s education more. These of course are stereotypes and clichés, which are neither completely true nor completely false. From experience, private schools still have the same drug problems, they have bullying, and unruly behaviour too.

The fees at private schools in Australia are very high, which can put a massive financial stress on a family, all in the belief that the money is paying for a much higher level of education.  

There is no research out there that provides definitive proof that either public schools or private schools produce better results at Year 12. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), analysed  the results from international tests which concluded that, once they had made adjustments to account for the variations in the schools' socio-economic , there is no significant difference in average scores between government, independent and Catholic. "The socioeconomic background of the school is what matters, rather than the type of school," an ACER report concluded.

So, which school system to you prefer? Taking the fees in to account, is the private school system really worth it? Or is it just we are buying in to a stereotype. What are your thoughts on this?