This week it was reported that the ghost of infamous Mark ‘Chopper’ Reid, has been spotted at Pentridge Prison, D division Cell 16, smoking a cigarette and yelling at staff walking by. Reid, who died of liver cancer in October 2013, was known to smoke in the halls of Pentridge while he was serving time there.

There are millions of stories throughout the ages of hauntings, even videos and photos to provide further evidence, but is this evidence conclusive. Parapsychologists don’t all agree what exactly a ghost is, is it the spirit of the actual person, is it just some random memory somehow being projected from the past to the present, is it angels or demons materializing, or is it something else entirely. Whatever they are, there are millions out there that have their own stories of strange phenomena they can’t quite fully explain.  

Many suggest that there is a logical explanation for everything, the job of the parapsychologist is to find the logic explanation before something can be deemed supernatural.  So what happens for those things that no one can explain where there is no possible logical explanation? Are people just choosing to not believe because if ghosts are real, what does that mean for us? I mean it can bring on more questions than answers. And to counter that, are people choosing to believe because it helps us believe in our own immortality?

For all the clearly faked photos and videos out there, there are also many photos and videos that are untouched, scientifically tested and defy any logic explanation. So what is the truth in all this?

Do you have your own ghost story? Do you believe in ghosts? And what about those pesky poltergeists? What’s your opinion on all this?

The Truth is out there!