It’s getting near the 13 year anniversary of September 11 and there are still so many questions left unanswered. Some of you reading this may be thinking wasn’t it all answered by the September 11 commission, well you may be surprised to learn about the truth movement. It is now that over 60%, up to 80%, of US citizens think that there is something suspicious about September 11, with a good percentage of them believing it was an inside job.

It is interesting if you search for it, how many websites out there are dedicated to debunking September 11, these architects and engineers who from their professional opinion say that without explosives the towers, especially tower 7, could not have come down. Then there is the truth movement, which exposes all of the unanswered questions and provides evidence to suggest the actual answers, and also expose other false flag attacks in history. There is also scholars for September 11 truth, pilots for September 11 truth, infowars, the list is actually quite endless.

The questions being asked are things like, why did tower 7 fall in 6 and a half secs, when apparently it was just office fires, why did the towers implode the way they did, why are their eye witnesses that swear they saw the black boxes being ignored, why is there no conclusive evidence about the pentagon hit and eye witnesses claim to have not seen a plane, why was NORAD not out there stopping them, why are some of the supposed dead terrorists being found alive and well…. Many questions, many would not like to answer because if the conspiracy theorists are right, then what does that mean for us?  

It is truly sad for all of the innocent victims of this tragedy, and nothing like this should ever happen in our world. With the anniversary coming up, we still pray for the families that were left behind.  

There are many conspiracies out there, but this one certainly does seem to have a very large supporter base, it’s almost as supported as the JFK conspiracies. So have you investigated this one yourself? Do you have thoughts on this? If the conspiracy theorists are right, what does that mean for you?