Recently in the USA, a plane was diverted in the USA after a big argument broke out between 2 passengers because of one of them reclining their seat. It all started when the James Beach put on to the chair in front of him a device called Knee defender, which prevents the person in front from reclining their chair. The person in front then informed the flight attendant, who then noticed the Knee Defender and asked Mr Beach to remove it. After he removed it, the woman in front reclined her seat at full force and almost smashed Mr Beach’s laptop screen. Mr Beach then pushed the woman in front’s seat back upright and reinserted the Knee Defender, which lead the woman to throwing her soft drink all over him and his laptop. The woman was then moved to another seat. After this it has been reported that 2 more air flights have had to be diverted due to similar incidents.

Leg room in economy class is not great if you are tall or larger, and when the seat in front is reclined, can cause the person behind real pain,  and if this is for a long flight, it can be a long length of pain. While the simple answer is to upgrade, not all can afford the expensive options of business class. Society is getting taller, so maybe airlines need to be ordering planes with larger leg room. Obviously as the reclining option is there people have the right to recline, but are there those that abuse that right, or are discourteous about it. Also, if you do recline, you can be subject to the angry person behind you kneeing your chair, and shaking it out of pain or frustration.

Both sides of the argument are looking after their own needs in reality, both believe the other is being selfish, perhaps we should adopt a do unto others mentality.

So this brings up the question, to recline or not to recline? If we recline, do we really need to go the whole way? Should the airlines be selling sections like reclining and non-reclining? What are your thoughts on this?