According to a Brotherhood of St Laurence analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 12% of people aged 15 – 24 were out of work in January this year, and according to sources at Fairfax media, this figure has reached a peak in July of 15%, and in some regional areas the figure is more like 20%. Coupled with the high unemployment rates is that a relatively high number of young people who are simply inactive, around a quarter of the population of 15 -24 year olds, they have no interest in study or work.

Dr Veronica Sheen, a research associate at Monash University, says the lack of jobs hits younger people harder than others in the workforce. “Because there’s more applicants than jobs, employers can pick and choose and not worry about training a young person or an older person who needs re-skilling, they can just pick and choose among people who already skilled. There’s just insufficient jobs, and when young people are just starting out there’s more barriers to employment, there’s less entry points.”

There are experts who believe the solution lies in education, during the school years, students need to be exposed to the world of jobs and careers, for example, career counselling, work experience and career talks.

What is your solution to the unemployment of youth issue? What do you think would help? What is your opinion on this?