I’ve always had a hard time deciding which charity to give to – and how to do it. I love the idea of actively doing something myself as part of a physical contribution but never seem to have the time (or perhaps make the time) yet somehow, just giving money – whilst clearly tangible, gives me just a brief / fleeting sense of satisfaction – particularly if I don’t know how much really gets to the end cause. Then there’s the local vs. international thing! I know that there is a mass global need, but there are definitely some worthwhile causes right here on our doorstep – and not just the natural disaster relief funds. Often having a child shifts people’s views a bit – they are more drawn to causes that help kids in all sorts of ways… They don’t mind putting money in there – as it feels like they securing a future.

1.       There are lots of different ways that people ‘give’ to charities… What is the difference to you in terms of giving time vs. expertise vs. money vs. actively participating in an event vs. attending a ball etc.? How do you choose? Do you have a preference – and what do these things mean to you?

2.  Which (if any) Charities do you donate to, and why do you choose this / these charities over others? How do you choose / prioritise where to give your time / effort / money…

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