So – lately I’ve seen a lot of noise about taking the Ice Bucket challenge. It’s interesting – I’m not 100% sure of the end cause, or if it’s a local or global charity – but it’s got a lot of activity, particularly in social media!

The whole charity awareness and giving space is becoming quite different and novel - I’m hearing about the ‘crotch grab for testicular cancer’ and even a tweeting bra for breast cancer awareness – it’s all quite catchy and clever, but I’m curious as to whether it really works – or at least whether it works the way that the ‘inventors’ hope it will…

  1. What is going on with the Ice Bucket Challenge? Would you do it? Have you done it? Does the end-cause matter? How have these types of initiatives been beneficial to charities? How does it change people’s willingness to donate, if at all?


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