Recently a mother of young children decided to shame a man who she thought was taking photos of her children. The man was innocently taking a selfie in front of a Star Wars display in Target, to send to his teenage children, when the woman saw him and decided he was a paedophile and needed to do something about him. Her method for shaming him was to post a picture of him on Facebook and sharing it, it was shared by over 400 people within the first hour, with many calling this man a ‘creep’, ‘pedo’ and many other nasty accusations. When the man realised what had happened he went straight to the police to clear his name. The woman has now apologised after a huge backlash against her, due to her false accusation of this innocent man.

This event has raised many questions amongst the public, with many men commenting that they feel they are unable to do anything without being accused of something, for example, some feel unable to be seen in public with their grandkids without being looked at as a paedophile.  Also, this event has high-lighted a massive misuse of social media, whereas people should go to the police rather than social media for reporting a potential crime.

Has society become an unsafe place for men to cuddle their own kids? How can this be fixed so that people don’t have to spend their lives walking on eggshells? What can be done to turn this around? What are your thoughts on this?