With seemingly a growing number of mass shootings in the USA, the topic of gun control has been raised quite frequently in the media lately. There are some in Australia that are calling for a re-examining of the current gun laws, especially with the recent spate of shootings, with some wanting them loosened and some wanting them tightened.

We are lucky that we do not have shootings on what seems like nearly a daily basis, it can be hard for some of us to imagine what that would be like. The average number of deaths through mass shootings in the USA works out to around 4 people a day, which is quite scary. Though if it is mentioned in the USA to bring in gun control laws like in Australia, the gun lobby group the NRA, which are very powerful, immediately fire up and protest changes, citing the bill of rights as  In Australia, since Port Arthur there has been none.

What do you believe is the solution to the gun crisis in the USA? Are you happy with our gun laws as they stand or would you like to see some amendments? What are your thoughts on this?