At around 11am this morning, police arrested Roger Rogerson, and has been apparently taken to Bankstown police station for questioning over the murder of Jamie Gao last week. Mr Rogerson’s solicitor, Paul Kenny has said, that he was disgusted that his client had been arrested in his home after arrangements had already been made for the 73 year old to hand himself in to police at midday today. ‘What has occurred in Mr Rogerson's house is a complete disgrace,’ he said. ‘He was treated like a dog.’

The arrest comes after yesterday’s arrest of former detective, Glen McNamara, who has been charged with Gao’s murder and supplying 3kgs of methamphetamine. Police are alleging that Jamie Gao was killed in an alleged $3 million ice deal gone wrong. The most damming evidence is the CCTV footage from Micks Meats on Arab st, that shows Jamie Gao getting out of his own Nissan Silvia and getting in to a white Ford Falcon, carrying a bag that allegedly contained the Ice. In the foreground of the car park, the silver Ford Falcon allegedly owned by Roger Rogerson, can also been seen on the CCTV footage.

Roger Rogerson, 73 years old, is apparently ‘shocked’ and stated to the media that, ‘we’re back to the gestapo days now.’

Looking through the history or Rogerson, he is certainly well connected in the criminal world and in his police days, he was present at the shooting of 2 people, and he himself shot and killed 2 people, like Heron dealer Warren Lanfranchi.

What do you think? Do you think he is innocent?