In the last week, a mug shot of a man arrested on 5 charges of illegal arms possession, including one relating to a gang crime, has caused a massive internet swoon, and this previously convicted felon Jeremy Meeks now has over 150,000 fans on Facebook alone. It really shows how superficial society has become, there are people now fundraising to pay his bail, which is set at $1,000,000. There are dozens of now ‘fans’ of Meeks, who are coming out in support of this and wishing that he was their man, and claiming he is too pretty for jail. One woman wrote on his photo, which has 94,764 likes to date and 12,342 shares on Facebook, ‘#thugpassion Too bad he's taken’, and another woman saying,  ‘Id "Assume The Position" Lawwwd Lol He Is Gorgeous!’.

One thing being over looked by some of the legions of female fans this man has gained, due to his mug shot, is the eye drop tattoo under his eye, which lead one commentator to write, ‘The teardrop usually means they have killed someone. So screw his good looks if you might not wake up after sleeping with him!’

According to police officer, Joseph Silva of the Stockton Police Department, Meeks was “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area,” but so far there is no detail on which crimes he was believed to be involved in. Meeks was arrested as part of Operation Ceasefire, which is aiming to curb the recent increase in shooting and robberies in Stockton, Northern California. In regards to his history, The Daily Mail reports “For a decade, he has been in and out of courtrooms in California and Washington for crimes including resisting arrest, faking his identity and grand theft, for which he served two years.” Meeks is also believed to be a member of the notorious gang, the Crips.

What are your thoughts about this? What do you think about women throwing themselves at a man, despite his criminal history, just because of his looks? Is society now way too superficial?