Gerard Baden-Clay has been found guilty by the jury for murdering his wife Allison Baden-Clay and sentenced to life imprisonment. The former real estate agent, had pleaded not guilty, but after 21 days at the Brisbane Supreme Court, the jury has declared a guilty verdict.

In the lead up to his wife’s disappearance, Baden-Clay had promised his mistress Ms Toni McHugh that his marriage would be over by July 1st 2012. On April 20th 2012, Gerard Baden-Clay reported his wife missing, though evidence has now found that she had been murdered the night before. The body of Allison was found on April 30th 2012 at the Kholo Creek Bridge at Anstead. Mr Baden-Clay was arrested for her murder on the 13th June 2012.

Mr Baden-Clay maintained his innocence throughout the whole of the trial, and tried to raise doubts to the jury about his wife’s mental state leading up to the murder.  There was evidence however against Baden-Clay, including the most damming being scratch marks on his face the morning he reported her missing, and other evidence including leaves found on the body from their own backyard and blood found in the family’s car, belonging to Allison. My Baden-Clay has shown no remorse for his crimes.

Allison’s family the Dickie’s, were very happy with today’s verdict, cheering when the judge read out that he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Allison’s close friend Kerry Anne Walker today delivered a statement on behalf of the Dickie family, "Today, we, Allison's family and friends, are relieved that we finally have justice for Allison. The evidence presented at this trial has proven that Gerard Baden-Clay is responsible for the murder of his wife Allison. We have lost Allison and nothing that has happened here will bring her back. We as a family will grieve her tragic death forever, the memories tarnished by the fact that she was taken from us in such horrific circumstances," she said.

Hopefully for the family today can begin the long journey of healing for their loss, though even a guilty verdict, doesn’t always comfort those left behind.  

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