New anti-terrorist legislation is introduced to today by the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which means that your phone and email data information would be stored for 2 years. The metadata that will be stored is the name of the subscriber to a communication service, destination of the communication, date, time and duration of the communication, type of communication and location of the equipment used in the communication, however, the contents would not be kept, nor would our web browsing history.

The government has stated that this is not any extra powers being given to security bodies, as they have previously had access to this information; currently the data is disappearing sooner than they would like, and this would just ensure the metadata is available for 2 years. Having access to metadata plays a ‘central role’ in most if not all counter terrorism, counter espionage, cyber security and organised crime investigations. “No responsible government can sit by while those who protect our community lose access to the tools they need to do their job, Mr Turnbull said. The timeline of 2 years was advised upon by the security bodies that require it for investigation, such as ASIO and AFP.

Privacy concerns have been raised about this legislation, and also the extra cost for the service providers to store this metadata, as they will need to be compensated.

How do you feel about your data being stored? Will you feel more protected that ASIO, AFP and Police investigating crimes will have access to this metadata to assist in prosecuting terrorists and the like? Is big brother becoming too big? What is your opinion of this new legislation?